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El Papanicolaou: Lo Que Toda Mujer Debería Saber

Title: El Papanicolaou: Lo Que Toda Mujer Debería Saber
Category: Print materials / Brochure/pamphlet
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Listing added: Jan 18, 2011
This patient-friendly, easy-to-read brochure explains the basics of Pap tests. In clear and simple language, "El Papanicolaou" lets women know what to expect from a Pap test (and pelvic exam) and offers tips on how to best prepare for the test in advance. The brochure also touches upon abnormal Pap test results and possible causes. Recommendations for regular screening and follow up are also included.
Organization name : American Social Health Association
Topic area(s) : HPV,  Pap tests,  Screening
Target Audience Age: General audience
Target Audience Race/Ethnicity : Hispanic
Audience Type : General audience ,  Patients
What language is this resource in: Spanish
Was this resource designed for a low literacy audience: No
What year was this resource published or produced: 2007
State: Any
Is this resource available for free: No