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Human papillomavirus infection

Title: Human papillomavirus infection
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Patient Education Pamphlet AP073. Available on the web at www.acog.org/publications/patient_education/bp073.cfm.. Also available in print at www.acog.org/bookstore/_P97.cfm. A pack of 50 is available for $25.50.
Organization name : American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Topic area(s) : HPV,  Cervical cancer,  Genital warts ,  HPV tests,  Pap tests,  Screening,  Vaccines
Target Audience Age: Teens/adolescents
Target Audience Race/Ethnicity : General audience
Audience Type : General audience
What language is this resource in: English
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What year was this resource published or produced: 2010
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