cervical cancer resource directory



What is the CCFA Resource Directory?

The CCFA Resource Directory is intended as a one-stop online destination for materials and resources related to HPV and cervical cancer. Designed primarily for professionals in the field (e.g. advocates, healthcare providers, researchers), the directory provides an overview of the range of available materials with the goal of helping to prevent duplication of efforts and facilitate collaboration among organizations. 


What kind of resources are available here?

The resources listed here have been suggested by a variety of organizations and individuals. Available resources range from patient brochures and posters, to newsletters and journal articles, to web-based resources. Some resources may be available for download directly through this website while others may be available only through other websites or organizations.


How do I suggest a resource for the directory?

If you would like to suggest a resource, you can do so by completing the online form at the “Upload New Listing” menu link on the top of the page. You will need to register for an account to complete the listing form, which allows you to provide details on your suggested resource (i.e. topic areas covered, intended audience, etc.).


Why do I have to register for an account to suggest a resource?

When a resource is suggested for inclusion in the clearinghouse, the resource listing is first reviewed by a site administrator. In the event there are any questions about the resource or problems with any uploaded document associated with the listing, we may need to contact you for more information.


Do I have to register just to search the directory?

No, you can search the directory without creating an account. However, if you would like to mark and save particular resources, you do have to create an account (See “What are Favorites?”)


How do I create a new listing on the directory?
To create a new listing, you will first need to register and log in. After logging in, click the “Upload New Listing” link on the top menu to complete the online listing form. You will need to provide details on your resource, beginning with what type of resource this is (e.g. pamphlet, poster, news release, etc.) Click the + sign next to the available categories to expand the available options. You will also be asked provide as many details as possible on the resource, including the year it was produced, whether it was designed for a specific audience, and where it is available. You may also upload a document to your listing if you choose.


What file types can I upload?

Acceptable file type are .pdf, .jpg, .gif, and .tiff. To upload resources such as Word or PowerPoint documents, for example, they must first be converted to a PDF format. If you cannot upload your resource due to limitations of size or file type, you may include a link to your website where the resource or more information is available.


What is the size limit for files that can be uploaded?

Files up to 2MB in size can be uploaded and made available directly from the CCFA directory. If the file you wish to list is larger than 2MB, but available elsewhere, you may still list the resource, along with a link to a website where the resource is available. To request the upload of a file larger than 2 MB, please contact the site administrator.


I completed a listing form but I don’t see my listing—where is it?

All suggested listings must be reviewed and approved by a site administrator before they appear on the CCFA directory. You will receive an email at the email address provided alerting you once your listing has been approved and is active on the site.


Can I go back and edit my listing?

Yes. To edit or delete one of your listings, log in to your account. The first page you will see is the “My Listings” page. On the listing you want to edit, look for the paper and pencil icon. Click the icon to bring up the listing details. You may edit any details here and save the listing. The edited listing will need to be reviewed and approved by the site administrator before it is active on the site again.


How do I search for resources?

To search by resource type, language, audience type, or other categories, click on the “Search” link on the top menu.


Are the materials on here free?

While some materials on the directory are available for no charge, others are not. This information will be provided on the resource listing. Please keep in mind that materials that are made available for free here are often still protected by copyright. Be sure to see details for the specific resource.


How do I report a problem?

To report a problem with the site, please contact the site administrator.